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What is Chime in Time?

We offer real people monitoring social media, instigating discussion and reporting on social media activity for family entertainment centers, bowling centers and amusement parks at affordable rates.

We offer several levels of engagement and believe you will find a match for your FEC’s needs.

Whether you have social media or need new social media, a free phone consultation will provide what you need to determine which package is best for you. The call will include:

  • A short interview to determine your history with social media or your website, your goals and objectives
  • A look at your current social media efforts
  • A review of your website’s analytics (traffic, trends, exit pages, points of entry, and time on site)
  • An overview of how we create a campaign that changes quarterly and track results
  • A review of your e-communications strategy or how you can start capturing relationships
  • A review of how you collect visitor information, including forms for inquiries

We started slowly with Chime-in-Time to see what they could do for us. It was clear after a short time that they could help us to monitor, respond and develop creative strategies using real people who understand our business. We now engage our visitors more effectively.” Fiesta Village Family Fun Park

To qualify you must:

  • Be willing to provide access information to your existing social media (Of course, we will sign an NDA)
  • Spend 30 minutes on the phone with a specialist from Chime in Time to understand your needs

Help me with my social media!

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